The Actual Meaning Behind 10 Heads Of Ravana

Ravana was the ruler of Lanka who was also known as Dashaanan or the ten-headed. Ravana is a central character of Ramayana. It also had many qualities such as knowledge of many scriptures, extremely powerful, politician, philanthropists etc. Have you ever wanted to know about 10 Heads Of Ravana Meaning?

Ravana is depicted as the king of the demon with 10 heads and 20 arms and for this reason, he was named “Dasamukha” (ten-headed), Dasgriva (ten-headed). Ravana’s ten heads represent 6 scriptures and 4 Vedas, making him a great scholar and the most intelligent man of his time. He was the master of 65 kinds of knowledge and all the art of weapons. Different stories are prevalent about Ravana.

According to Valmiki Ramayana, Ravana was born with ten foreheads, big molar, copper-like lips and twenty arms. He was black as coal and because of his ten grihas, his father named him Dasgriva. For this reason Ravana Dasanan, It became famous with the names Dashakandhan etc.

10 Heads Of Ravana Meaning

Do you know that Ravana had done intense penance for Brahma for many years. During his penance, Ravana cut off his head 10 times to please Brahma. Every time he cut off his head a new head would appear. Thus he was able to continue his penance.

In the end, Brahma was pleased with Ravana’s penance and appeared after having beheaded the 10th and asked him to ask for a boon. On this, Ravana certainly wished the boon of immortality, but Brahma certainly refused him, Provided the nectar, which we all know was stored under his navel.
Indian history is quite difficult to understand, these stories reflect another story and on the other side, there is a deep meaning hidden behind those stories. The ten heads of Ravana have also been considered as symbols of 10 negative tendencies.

These trends are work, anger, greed, fascination, item, matsar, hatred, jealousy, malice and fear. How do these trends get promoted?

10 Heads Of Ravana Meaning from Perspective of Emotion

  1. Love your designation, your position or ability – to promote ego.
  2. Loving your family and friends – Anurag, attachment or moha.
  3. Loving your ideal nature – which leads to repentance.
  4. Expecting perfection in others – leading to anger or anger.
  5. Loving the past – leading to hatred or hatred.
  6. Loving the future – leading to fear or fear.
  7. Want to be number 1 in every region – it provokes jealousy.
  8. Loving things – which awakens greed or greed.
  9. Lust is attracted to the opposite sex.
  10. Fame, money, and love to children – also brings insensitivity.

These are all negative emotions or “distorted forms of love”. If seen, every action, every emotion is a form of love. Ravana was also plagued with these negative feelings and due to this, he was destroyed despite knowledge and prosperity.

In the end, it would not be wrong to say that the ten heads of Ravana show that if you have more than you need, then it has no purpose, that is, all these desires lead to the destruction.

10 Heads Of Ravana Meaning from Perspective Of Human Nature

  1. Ahamkara – Ego
  2. Moha – Attachment
  3. Krodha – Anger
  4. Ghrina – Hatred
  5. Paschataap – regret
  6. Irshya – jealousy
  7. Lobha – Greed
  8. Kama – Lust
  9. Jaddata – Insensitivity
  10. Bhaya – Fear

There is another perscpective of ravana having 10 heads. Ravana’s 10 heads also symbolise the six Shastras and four Vedas, making him a great scholar and the most intelligent person of his time. These are:

10 Heads Of Ravana Meaning from Perspective of Shashtras Of Vedas

  1. Sankhyashastra (Mathematics)
  2. Yog Shastra (Yoga as a way of life, meditation)
  3. Nyayashastra (Law and administration)
  4. Vaisheshik Shastra (Physics, astronomy, mechanics)
  5. Purvamimansa (Philosophy, Justification)
  6. Uttar Mimansa Shastra
  7. Rigveda
  8. Yajurveda
  9. Samveda
  10. Atharvaveda.


Here, we saw that each head of ravana represents something in some different way. 10 heads of ravana symbolise different type of emotion or shashtras from vedas.

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