7 Interesting Facts About Hindu Dharm

Hinduism - The Way of Living

What is the definition of a religion? Where do the customs of the people following that religion come from? If you talk about Hinduism, do you know that there is no founder of this religion? Yes, the oldest religion in the world has no father. Now let’s talk about Hinduism and some facts related to it which most people do not know!

  1. ‘Hinduism’ A Religion Or Way Of Living?

As mentioned earlier, there is no founder of Hinduism. It is believed that some saints started propagating a way of living together. It was also called Sanatana Dharma, not Hinduism.

  1. Where Did It Started?

This religion started some 1500-2000 BC and at that time there were no one but many propagators of Hinduism. Some people believe this religion till 5500 BC. At that time, it became a religion of the people living near the Indus river, who believed anything of nature as God.

  1. From Where Did The Word ‘Hindu’ Came From?

According to research scholar Gavin Flood of religion, the word Hindu is not actually from India but from Persia or Persia. The term was used for people who lived on the other side of the Indus River. Especially in the sixth century, the term can be seen in the writings of King Darius I (550–486 BCE). These words were used at that time as a geographical term and not like any religion. Religion is found in the Persian document Futuh Salatin (written by Abd al-Malik Isami) until the fourteenth century. Also, a description of religion is found in a Chinese article written by Xuanzang of the seventh century.

Hinduism - The Way of Living
  1. Supreme Court Statement on Hinduism

The Supreme Court ruled in 1995, stating that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of living. Many times in these years, the Supreme Court has explained the words Hindu, Hindutva, Hinduism etc. many times. Hinduism is often considered to be a staunch part of Hinduism, but it is not.

  1. Atheism Is Also A Part Of Hinduism

The most unique fact of Hinduism is that atheism is also a part of this religion. Religion is defined by how they believe in God. This includes atheists (without God), monotheism, monotheism, or faith in only one God, polytheism or Polytheism. Hinduism is one such religion which includes all three things. There are also thirty-three crore Gods and Gods Brahma. Apart from this, this religion also believes atheism that there is no god but a soul in the world.

  1. The More People, The More Customs

There are so many people who believe in Hinduism. The caste of people is different and the customs of those castes are different. If the Brahmin class is to be considered, then how many divisions are there and there are different customs of all of them. This is the only religion in which there are so many divisions.

  1. God in Every Particle

In Hinduism, not only idols but anything can be worshipped. Hinduism is one in which anything like flowers, leaves, trees, plants, stones, river, fish is considered God. The wind is also called Pawan Dev. Fire is also a fire god. This is because Hinduism allows choosing the form of God according to its convenience.

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