Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple

Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple

Today we will get information on the visit of Mahabaleshwar Temple in Gokarn, Karnataka. The Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple is located in Kunta taluka near Mangalore city in the state of Karnataka.

Due to the temple, a whole village is inhabited. He is also known as Gokarna. Mahabaleshwar Temple, located near the coast, is one of the oldest and most famous temples of the eclipse. The Shivling of Lord Shiva-Shankar is the oldest located in this temple and is believed to be original. So this is also known as Shivling Self-Sufficiency. Gokarna is one of the seven important sacred shrines of the country. It is also believed to have been spontaneously created on a once desolate shore of the river Aghanshi. It has also been identified as Kashi of the South.

The story behind the name Gokarna is that the Ganges Valley and Aghanashi river flowing here are shaped like cow ears. Since Lord Shiva spontaneously appeared from the ear of the cow, its name Gokarna has become popular. It is here named after the cow as a symbol of the mother.

What is the history of the Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple?

This temple is believed to be 3 years old, examining historical context. It is said that the 6-foot tall shivling sightings occur here only once in a year. From a hole in the middle of the temple can be seen Shivling located in the temple. Especially during the Navratri period, a large number of devotees are coming to visit.

Suicide due to Ravana’s mother?

Some scholars believe that Ravana’s mother used to worship Shivling by making sandals from Sri Lanka’s seaside sand. According to the routine she used to come to the coast and worship Shivaji. Due to the Mahabharata one day, this Shivling got swept away in the ocean.

So that he was very sad. To satisfy his mother, Ravana went to Kailash and got Shivling from Lord Shankar by doing penance there. While giving gender, Shivaji cautioned Ravan that this Shivling should be placed on the ground wherever you want to establish it. Wherever you put the earth and the earth, the sex will be established.

Ravana gained self-confidence

Returning to Sri Lanka to take up Shivling, Ravan had reached the evening when he reached Gaukarth. Devata became very worried at seeing Shivling in Ravana’s hands. Mahavishnu knew that Ravana was implementing the jurisdiction with a tight schedule. He does not allow one moment to follow. When Ravana reached Gokarna, Maha Vishnu, with his handsomeness, covered the sun early. Ravan was confused, the joints could not be missed and the shivling could not be put down. It was there that Ravana found a baby bully. Ravan put this shivling in the hands of the goddess and said, “I am just finishing my joints.” Thus, Ravana became holy and became absorbed in the union.

The gods took it back

The child celibate was actually Ganesh manifested in this form at the request of the gods. Ganeshji called Ravan three times by name and said, “Shivling has become too heavy, I cannot lift.” When Ravana did not listen to him, Ganesha, who was a child, made Shivling on the ground. When Ravana returned with jubilation, he saw that Shivling was above ground. Especially angry.

The pediatrician said it was too heavy. How do I take Vita off for a long time? I also called you three times. Ravana tried so hard to lift Shivling but he could not lift it. Shivling had settled here. Ravana got knocked over and struck Ganeshji’s head and Ganeshji was standing about 5 feet away from there. At that time, Lord Shankar appeared and gave Ganeshji a consolation and a blessing, that without worshiping you, anyone who worships me or sees him will not get the reward of virtue. This temple was built in the name of Ganeshji founded Shivling, but due to the geographical shape of the geography, its identity has changed and today it is known as Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple.

Speaking In the ears of the cow, the belief is complete

There is also the belief that whatever we wish to call the cow’s ears, it is also fulfilled. Here all the deities, Muni, Gandharva, human beings, ghosts, elves, Naga, etc. worship Lord Shankar. It is said that a person who fasts and worships Lord Shiva for three nights, gets the fruits of 1 Ashwamedh Yagna. When those fasting for 3 nights are blessed.

Important temples around

Apart from this, Uma Maheshwari Temple, Bhadrakali Temple. Varadarajan Temple, Tamagouri Temple, Sanmukh Temple are also located. Besides! Sageshwar, Gunvantevur, Gurudeshwar, Mardeshwar and Dhareswar Temple are also located. Mahabaleshwar and all these four temples are also known as Pancha Mahakshetras.

How do you go there?

Just like visiting the Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple, Train and airplane facilities. If you buy by-road If you want to go by air, you can go from Goa. But if you want to go by train then you can go to Akola railway station. Apart from this, private vehicles can also be used to reach here.

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