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Invention of India - Great Ancient India

India has always been a land of inventions. Whether it is the invention of zero or the decimal. Indian scientists have since anciently given something to the world. We are going to mention here 19 Indian inventions, which are used all over the world today.

1. Button

Clothing without a button cannot be envisaged. The button was first used by the people of Mohenjodaro, a city of the Indus Valley Civilization. This is about 2000 years before Christ.

2. Chess

The history of chess in India is very old. The game has been known as Chaturanga. It was invented during the 6th century. During that time it used to be a game of kings and emperors. Later it became popular as a game of public.

3. House Construction With The Help of Ready Structures

In the 16th century, the tradition of making lighthouses in Bhar was developed during the Mughal period. During the reign of Akbar, people built houses with the help of ready-made structures.

4. Scale

The ruler scale was invented during the Indus Valley Civilization. Mohenjodaro excavations have found scales made of ivory, which are truly amazing.

5. Shampoo

The word shampoo is actually a reference to the word “champu“. The tradition of massage by applying oil on the head started in Bengal in the 17th century. In later days this tradition developed as a shampoo.

6. Snake-game

The snakes and ladders game was invented in India. Later, the game was taken by the British, who introduced it to the people of America.

7. Cotton farming

Two thousand years before Christ, people of Indus Valley Civilization used cotton clothes. Yes, at that time cotton was cultivated in these areas and cotton cloth was manufactured regularly. We can proudly say that Indians were taught to dress the world.

8. Zero and Decimal
Zero and decimals were invented in India. Zero and decimals were discovered by the great Indian mathematician Aryabhata. This work was carried forward by Brahmagupta.

9. playing Cards

The playing of cards in India was called Kripa Patram. Later, the game spread to China. The people of Jahn developed it more.

10. Cataract Operation

Sushruta, the author of Indian medicine, performed cataract surgery 6 hundred years before Christ. Later this art extended to China. According to the documents, the doctors of Greece came to India to learn this method.

11. Diamond Mining

Indians used diamonds about five thousand years ago. It was the only country in the world where people knew about diamonds. Diamonds were first discovered in Brazil in the 18th.

12. Water on the Moon

ISRO’s Chandrayaan 1 first discovered that the moon is not just a mound, but water is also available here. The one-step towards space invention of India.

13. Radio, Wireless Communication

As we all know, Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1909 for his contribution to the discovery of wireless telegraphy. But about 14 years before this, Indian scientist Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose invented it in the year 1895 itself. Marconi performed the discovery in London two years after the incident.

14. Flush Toilet

For the first time, such a toilet was used by the people of Indus Valley Civilization. Mohenjodaro was actually a fully developed city, where the Nixi system was incomparable. The people of this civilization were adept in hydraulic engineering.

15. Binary Code

Pingala was first given the information about the binary code. That too around two hundred years before Christ. This invention of India changed the digital world.

16. Ink

Indians had discovered ink to write about four hundred years before Christ. In South India, there is an ancient tradition of writing with ink and sharp pens.

17. The invention of the Iron and Steel

Iron Man is the new thing. There is mention of the great use of iron and steel in ancient India. Indians had been using it since about 2,000 years before the western world came to know about it.

18. Fiber Optics

Dr. Narinder Singh Kapani of India is called the father of fiber optics technology. It is a huge achievement in the inventions of India

19. Plastic Surgery

Yes, plastic surgery was first performed in India. That too, about 2 thousand years before Christ.

History is the witness that India has always been a great inventor country. So what are you waiting for? Go, invent and play the world.

I hope you knew something good today. Great Ancient India will continue giving knowledge about the heritage of our Great India. If you have any doubts or queries then you can simply Contact Us.

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