Kantkari – An Excellent Herbal Remedy


Thus, the readers have come to understand the need of the word Kantkari (Thorny) so that it has something to do with this Ayurvedic thorn (kant). In Ayurveda it has been given the name of thorns as there are numerous straight, thin, shiny scales on the whole plant including leaves.

The Binomial name of kantkari is Solanum virginianum. It is also called Solanum surattense or Solanum Xanthocarpum.

Thorns are so abundant on plants that they can be very hard to touch. So today, despite this many thorns, let’s know a little about effective medicine in cough diseases like cold, cough, asthma.

Kantkari Plant
Kantkari Plant

Properties of Kantkari

The Kantkari (Thorny) bushes are everywhere in India, especially on sandy soil surrounded by three-foot-wide sitting plants, so we call it sitting brooding. in gujarati it’s Bethi bhoy Ringani(બેઠી ભોયરીંગણી). It is light and warm in digestion and bitter bitter diarrhea, so it is cough and antibacterial, inflammatory, diuretic, and antipyretic.

Being an anti-inflammatory and expelling of the cuff, it is a cure for cough and cold as well as for improving sound. In addition, it can cure and cure fever, impaired lateral palsy, heart disease, anorexia etc. Chemically, it contains a fatty substance and an element called diogenin in its pancreas. Its fruit contains an element called solesonyne and the other contains yellowish oil with a distinctive aromatic redness. These elements give it the above qualities.

Use of Kantkari

As mentioned above, it is a common herbal medicine for diseases of the esophagus, so it provides excellent benefits in diseases like phlegm, fever, cold, cough, asthma, chest pain etc. If the cough is very coughing due to the cushioned cuffs and the cuff does not go away, then the powder made with the same weight as the root and the pepper gives the best results. Stir with about three teaspoons of honey a day, about 1/3 teaspoons a day. The phlegm will loosen easily and cough will benefit.

It is also an excellent medicine for asthma, respiratory diseases. Add half the weight of the hing to half of it and mix it properly. Give one spoonful of honey to this patient with honey. Respiratory trauma will start to calm down as air is transmitted (downward motion).

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Kantkari is an important drug in preventing urine blockage. Get about one cup of honey in its juice (Swaras). Drinking this juice two tablespoons two or three times a day to relieve urinary problems. Being a herbal urine enhancer, it also gives excellent results in beds, heals swelling. Apart from this, other herbs with ginger are used as Ayurvedic herbs for contamination, pruritus, gallbladder, etc. These herbs can be used according to the advice of a specialist medical specialist in the above diseases.

Moreover, we call it the Vaidya Mariyadi Churn, which is a part of all three herbs made by sea peppers, painters and sailors. Fill the bottles by making this powder at home. Those who have anorexia, indigestion, nausea, nausea and gas, get about half a teaspoon of this powder two to three times a day. Using this powder with diarrhea, diarrhea, thus, even in guilt, provides very excellent results.

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  1. This Kantkari – An Excellent Herbal Remedy ~ The Great Ancient India site has helped
    me many times in health problems.

  2. This Kantkari – An Excellent Herbal Remedy ~ The Great Ancient India site has helped me many times in health
    problems. This post helped me to heal and feel better:

  3. This Kantkari – An Excellent Herbal Remedy ~ The Great Ancient India
    site has helped me many times in health problems.

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