Karna – The Misfortuned King

Karna Kavach Kundal

Karna is one of the most prominent characters in the Mahabharata. Karna is also called Angraj. Karna’s life is ultimately thought-provoking. Karna was one of the best archers of the Mahabharata. Karna was from sutra varna and Lord Parasurama himself acknowledged the superiority of Karna. Karna’s real mother was Kunti, but the mother who brought them up was Radhe.

Karna’s real father was Suryadev. Karna was born before the marriage of Pandu and Kunti. Karna was Duryodhana’s best friend and he fought against his brothers in the war of Mahabharata. Karna is considered to be an ideal donor as Karna never refuses to give anything to a seeker in charity even if it results in his own life. A story related to this is in Mahabharata when Lord Indra, father of Arjuna, asked Karna for his coil and divine armour and Karna gave it.

Karna’s image even today is that of a mahayoddha in the Indian public who fought against adverse conditions throughout his life. Many people also believe that Karna never got everything he was actually entitled to. Logically speaking, Karna was the real officer in the throne of Hastinapur as he was from the Kuru royal family. And was the eldest of Yudhishthira and Duryodhana, but his real identity remained unknown until his death. Karna is considered a great warrior and a great warrior. He is also called Danavir Karna.

Birth As A Result Of Pure Determination

Karna was born as a boon to Kunti. When she was a virgin, Durvasa Rishi once visited her father’s palace. Then Kunti served the sage very well for a whole year. Pleased with Kunti’s service, she saw from her divine vision that Pandu could not give birth to her and gave her the boon that she could bring up children from any deity by remembering him. One day anxiously, Kunti meditated on Sun God. From this, the Sun God appeared and gave him a son who was similar to the Sun in Tej and he was born with armour and helix that were clinging to his body since birth.

Since she was still unmarried, she put her son in a box and poured it into Gangaji for fear of public outrage.

Upbringing of Karna

While Karna was drifting in Gangaji, Maharaj Bhishma’s charioteer Adhirath and his wife Radha saw him and adopted him and began to follow him. They named him Vasusen. Karna is also known as Radheya in the name of his upbringing mother. Even after the revelation of his birth and being made the King of Anga, Karna always considered him as his parent and kept all the son’s religions till his death. After being made the king of Anga, Karna also got a name Angaraja.

Training of Karna

From a very young age, Karna was more interested in martial arts than in chariot like his father Adhirath. Karna and his father Adhirath Acharya met Drona, who was one of the best masters of martial arts at that time. Dronacharya used to teach Kuru princes at that time. He refused to teach Karna because Karna was a charioteer and Drona only taught Kshatriyas.

After Dronacharya’s dissent, Karna approached Parasurama, who used to teach only Brahmins. Karna, calling himself a Brahmin, urged Parasurama for education. Parashurama accepted Karna’s request and mastered Karna in the same manner as his art of warfare and archery. In this way, Karna became a very hard working and accomplished disciple of Parashurama.

Karna Got Many Curses

Karna was cursed by his guru Parashurama and Prithvi Mata. Apart from this, Karna got many curses.

Karna’s education was in its final stages. One afternoon, Guru Parshuram was resting on Karna’s thigh. After some time a scorpion came from somewhere and bitten on his other thigh and started making wounds. Karna used to bear the sting by not removing the scorpion so that the rest of the Guru is not disturbed. In some time Guruji’s sleep broke and he saw that a lot of blood was flowing from Karna’s thigh. He said that only a Kshatriya could have such a tolerance to bear a scorpion sting, not in a Brahmin and Parashuramaji cursed him because of a false speech that whenever Karna would need his education most, That day it will not work for him.

Karna, who himself did not know from which clan he belonged, apologized to his guru and said that if he had another disciple in his place, he would have done the same. Although Karna was enraged at cursing him with anger, he could not take back his curse. Then he gave Karna his bow called Vijay and blessed him that he would get what he wanted most – indelible fame. It is believed in some folklore to be Indra himself as a scorpion, who wanted to reveal his true Kshatriya identity.

After Parashuramaji left the ashram, Karna wandered for some time. During this time he was learning vocabulary. During the practice, he considered the calf of a cow to be an endemic animal and fired a wrenching arrow at it and the calf was killed. Then the Brahmin, the lord of the cow, cursed Karna that just as he killed a helpless animal, one day he would also be killed when he would be most helpless and when all his attention was focused on something other than his enemy. Will happen.

According to the folk tales of Andhra, once Karna was going somewhere, then on the way, he found a girl who was crying due to ghee being shattered from her pit. When Karna wanted to know the reason for his anxiety, he told that he feared that his stepmother would be angry at his inattentiveness. Kripalu Karna then told him that Bah will bring him new ghee. Then the girl requested that she should have the same ghee mixed in the soil and she refused to take new ghee. Then, taking pity on the girl, Karna took the clay containing the ghee in her fist and squeezed it so that the ghee from the soil squeezed and fell into the pitcher.

During this process, he heard the painful sound of a woman with his hand. When he opened his fist, he found Mother Earth. Enraged by the pain, Mother Earth criticized Karna and said that she gave so much pain to the ghee of a girl. And then Mother Earth cursed Karna that one day in a decisive battle of her life, she will also hold the wheel of her chariot as she has caught them in her fist, so that she is vulnerable to her enemy in that war. Will go.

Thus, Karna received three curses on three separate occasions. Unfortunately, these three curses flourished in the decisive battle of Kurukshetra, when he became unarmed, chariotless and helpless in battle.

Effects of Various Curses

This is how the various curses Karna got impacted.

Collide Two Brahmastra
If even one Brahmastra is left on the enemy’s camp, then not only does it destroy that camp but the whole area is famine for more than 12 years. And if two brahmastras are collided with each other, it is as if the catastrophe happens. This will lead to destruction of the entire earth and thus another planet and all living beings will have to be created. The situation of two Brahmastras colliding in the war of Mahabharata came when Ashwatthama and Arjuna drove their respective Brahmastras in the ashram of sage Vedavyasji. Then Vedavyasa avoided that confrontation and asked to return his Brahmastras. Arjuna knew how to return Brahmastra, but Ashwatthama did not know this and then due to that Brahmastra, Parikshit was born dead from Uttara’s womb.

But due to the curse of Karna Guru Parshuram, he forgot to drive the Brahmastra, otherwise he must have used his Brahmastra to kill Arjuna in the war and Arjuna also used his Brahmastra to protect himself and the whole earth would be destroyed. Thus Guru Parshuram averted the destruction of Earth by cursing Karna.

Influence of Mother Earth ‘s Curse
The curse of Mother Earth was that in the most decisive battle of Karna’s life, the earth would catch the wheel of her chariot. In the battle of that day, Karna used different chariots, but each time the wheel of his chariot got smashed into the earth. Therefore, even by using various chariots, Karna could not escape the curse of Mother Earth, otherwise it would have fallen heavily on Arjuna in that decisive war.

Accession of Karna
Guru Dronacharya organized a rangbhoomi in Hastinapur on completion of the education of his disciples. In Rangbhoomi, Arjuna became a disciple with special archery. Then Karna came to Rangbhumi and crossed the tricks done by Arjuna and challenged him to a duel. When did Kripacharya reject Karna’s duel and ask him about his dynasty and empire – because according to the rules of the duel only a prince could challenge Arjuna, the prince of Hastinapur, for a duel. Then Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas, declared Karna as the king of Angadesh so that he would be eligible for a duel with Arjuna. When Karna asks Duryodhana what he wants from him in return, Duryodhana says that he only wants Karna to become his friend.

After this incident, some of the main relations of Mahabharata were established, such as strong ties between Duryodhana and Karna, intense rivalry between Karna and Arjuna and disharmony between the Pandavas and Karna.

Karna was a loyal and true friend of Duryodhana.

Although he later participates in Dutikrida to appease Duryodhana, he was against it from the beginning. Karna did not like Shakuni and always recommended Duryodhana to use his fighting skills and muscle to defeat his enemies and not devious tricks. When the attempt to kill the Pandavas in the Lakshgriha fails, Karna scolds Duryodhana for his cowardice and says that all the tricks of the cowardly fail and convince him that he should act like a warrior and he Whatever you want to achieve, get it through your bravery. Karna also assisted Duryodhana in marrying the princess of Chitrangad.

In his swayamvara he rejected Duryodhana and then Duryodhana took him by force. Then the other kings present there followed him, but Karna single-handedly defeated them all. The defeated kings were Jarasandha, Shishupala, Dantavakra, Salva and Rukmi etc. As a compliment to Karna, Jarasandha gave Karna a portion of Magadha. Bhima later defeated Jarasandha with the help of Sri Krishna but long before that Karna defeated him alone. Karna had revealed the weakness of Jarasandha that his death can only be done by splitting his torso into two pieces.

Temple of Danveer Karna located in Hastinapur.
After becoming Angraj, Karna announced that during the day when he worships Suryadev, if anyone asks for anything at that time, he will not refuse and the one who asks will never return empty handed. In the war of Mahabharata, Indra and Mother Kunti took advantage of this charity of Karna.

In the midst of the war of Mahabharata, one day before Karna became the commander, Indra asked Karna in the guise of a monk for his armor-coil, because if this armor-coil remained near Karna, it was impossible to defeat him in battle. And keeping in mind the safety of his son Arjuna, Indra demanded so much begging from Karna, but Danveer Karna did not even refuse Devraj Indra in monk disguise and Promised to take the boon demanded by some centers is against the dignity of donations to some demand after giving that “saying these Indra” not asked for anything.

Similarly, mother Kunti was also promised by Danveer Karna that in this great war, his five sons will definitely survive and he will not kill any other Pandava except Arjuna. And he did the same, Karna also asked Indrajastra for Devraj Indra to kill Arjuna.

Draupadi Swayamvar

The Pandavas secretly left Varnavata after saving themselves from the evil plan of Duryodhana, Shakuni and Karna. Still hiding, the Pandavas disguised themselves as Brahmins and participated in the Panchala princess Draupadi’s swayamvara. Of all the great kings and other Kaurava princes, only Arjuna was able to challenge the established. The test is only to lift, string, and fire the pinakin to pierce a goldfish’s eye by looking at its reflection; Drupada made this test with Arjuna in mind. All the kings, including Karna and Shalya, failed to drop the bow and were defeated in the task. Finally Arjuna came forward and raised the bow with just one hand and hit the target, so he conquered Draupadi.

Draupadi Swayamvar

The Pandavas secretly left Varnavata after saving themselves from the evil plan of Duryodhana, Shakuni and Karna. Still hiding, the Pandavas disguised themselves as Brahmins and participated in the Panchala princess Draupadi’s swayamvara. Of all the great kings and other Kaurava princes, only Arjuna was able to challenge the established. The test is only to lift, string, and fire the pinakin to pierce a goldfish’s eye by looking at its reflection; Drupada made this test with Arjuna in mind. All the kings, including Karna and Shalya, failed to drop the bow and were defeated in the task. Finally, Arjuna came forward and raised the bow with just one hand and hit the target, so he conquered Draupadi. The kings assembled at Swayamvar argued that a Brahmin was unworthy and took his weapon and attacked the disguised Arjuna. Arjuna defeated them all. Karna later attacks Arjuna out of jealousy but Arjuna easily defeats him. When Karna asked about his true identity, Arjun smiled and said that he is a Brahmin. Karna then praised him by comparing him to Drona or Bhishma’s skill. Arjuna threatens to kill Karna causing Karna to flee the battlefield.


Karna never agreed with Shakuni’s plans to defeat the Pandavas with deceit. He was always in favor of war and always urged Duryodhana to choose the path of war. Although he indulged in the game of Dutikrida to appease Duryodhana, who later flourished in the infamous Draupadi rip-off incident.

When Shakuni won everything from Yudhishthira at Dutikrida by deceit, Draupadi, the Pandavis’ patrani, was dragged into the Rajya Sabha by the Dushasanas and, at the instigation of Karna, Duryodhana and his brothers attempted to lose Draupadi’s clothes. Karna insults Draupadi by saying that a woman who has more than one husband is nothing but a prostitute.

At the same place, Bhima vows that he alone will kill Duryodhana and all his brothers in battle. And then Arjuna vows to kill Karna.

Military Operations

During the exile of the Pandavas, Karna takes over the task of making Duryodhana the emperor of the earth. Karna waged military operations across the country and defeated the kings and promised them that he would remain loyal to Hastinapur Maharaj Duryodhana, otherwise he would be killed in wars. Karna was successful in all the battles. In the Mahabharata, Karna in his military campaigns waged many wars and forced numerous kingdoms and kingdoms to obey, including Kamboj, Shaka, Kekya, Avantay, Gandhar, Madra, Trigat, Tangan, Panchal, Videha. , Suhmas, Anga, Wang, Nishad, Kalinga, Vatsa, Ashmak, Hrishik and many others including mlechha and forest dwellers.

Shri Krishna and Karna

After the peace talks with Duryodhana fail, Shri Krishna goes to Karna, the best warrior of Duryodhana. He tells him the real introduction of Karna, that he is the eldest Pandava and advises him to come towards the Pandavas. Krishna assures him that since he is the eldest Pandava, Yudhishthira will leave the throne for him and he will become a Chakravati emperor.

But even after all this, Karna refuses to fight on the Pandava side, because he considered himself a debtor to Duryodhana and had promised him that he would fight in favor of Duryodhana till his death. He also tells Krishna that as long as he is in favor of the Pandavas who are in favor of truth, his defeat is also certain. Krishna then becomes somewhat sad, but praises Karna’s loyalty and friendship and accepts his decision and promises him that he will keep his true identity a secret until his death.

Armour Damage

Devraj giving his powerful weapon to Indra Karna
Arjuna’s father and Devraj Indra know that Karna will remain invincible and immortal in the battlefield as long as he has his armour and helix, which were on his body since birth. So when the battle of Kurukshetra was imminent, Indra decided that he would not allow Karna to enter the battlefield with armour and Kundal. He planned that when he is worshipping Sun God in the mid-day, then he will become a beggar and ask him for his armour. Suryadev also warns Karna about this plan of Indra, but he thanks him and says that if anyone asks for his life at that time, he will not refuse. Then Suryadev says that if he is unambiguous, then ask for his amoghastra from Indra.

Then, according to his plan, Lord Indra, disguised as a beggar, asks Karna for his armor and helmet. Even after being warned, Karna does not refuse and cheerfully donates his armor. Pleased with this charity of Karna, he asks him to ask for something, but Karna refuses, saying “It is against the dignity of charity” to ask for something after donating. Then Indra gives him his powerful weapon, Vasavi, which he could use only once. After this, Karna got another name as Vaikartan, because he cut his armor and hair from his body without being compressed and donated it.

Kunti And Karna

When the war of Mahabharata was near, Mother Kunti went to meet Karna and made him aware of his real identity. She tells him that he is their son and the eldest Pandava. She tells him that he calls himself ‘Kaunteya’ (Kunti Putra), Naki ‘Radheya’ (Radha Son) and then Karna replies that he wants the whole world to be known as Radheya by the name of Naki Kontay.] Kunti tells him that he should turn to the Pandavas and he will make him king. Then Karna says that many years ago, if they had called him Kaunteya in that Rangbhoomi, then the situation would be very different today. But now it is too late for any change and now it is not possible. He further states that Duryodhana is his friend and trusts him a lot and that he cannot betray his trust. But he promises to Kunti that he will not kill any other Pandava except Arjuna. Both Karna and Arjuna have pledged to kill each other and hence the death of either one is certain. He says that none of his five sons will survive – four other Pandavas and one of them or Arjuna. Karna pleads with his mother to keep their relationship and the matter of his birth a secret till his death.

Kunti asks Karna for another promise to use Nagastra only once. Karna also gives this promise to Kunti. As a result, Karna is unable to use Nagastra more than once in the war of Kurukshetra.

War of Mahabharata

A manuscript of the Mahabharata depicting the Kurukshetra war.
Before the Mahabharata war began, Bhishma, who was the commander-in-chief of the Kaurava army, forbade Karna to participate in the battlefield under his leadership. Although Duryodhana pleads with them, they do not believe. And then Karna comes to the battlefield on the eleventh day after his injuries on the tenth day.

Fight Between Karna And Arjun in Kurukshetra
Fight Between Karna And Arjun in Kurukshetra

Thirteenth-day Of War

In the thirteenth day of the war, Chakravyuh / Padmavieh was created by the chief commander of the Kaurava army, Guru Dronacharya, to imprison Yudhishthira. On the Pandava side, only Krishna and Arjuna knew the Chakravyuh penetrations. But on that day, the tri-monarch-brothers took him far away from the site of Chakravyuh while fighting. Trigat was a kingdom under Duryodhana. Arjuna-son Abhimanyu knew only to enter the Chakravyuh, not to leave it, which he had heard when he was in his mother’s womb and his father Arjuna was explaining this method to his mother and in the middle he got sleepy.

But as soon as Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh, the Indus King – Jayadratha blocked the entrance and did not allow other Pandavas to enter. Then Abhimanyu fell alone in the enemy cycle. He fought valiantly even when alone and he single-handedly defeated the great warriors of the Kaurava army. Karna and Duryodhana decided to kill Abhimanyu as instructed by Guru Drona. Karna shot an arrow and broke Abhimanyu’s bow and a wheel of a chariot, which caused him to fall to the ground and was attacked by other Kauravas. Abhimanyu was killed in this war. At the end of the war, when Arjun finds that Jayadratha has the biggest hand in killing Abhimanyu, he vows that he will kill Jayadratha before the sunset of the next day, otherwise he will take fire.

Fourteenth Night Of War

Ghatotkach slaughter by Karna with power
The fourteenth day war continued uninterruptedly after sunset and Bhimputra Ghatotkacha, a semi-demon, massacred the Kaurava armies. Usually, Asuras become very powerful during the night. Duryodhana and Karna bravely confront him and fight him. Finally, when it seemed that on the same night Ghatotkacha would kill the whole Kaurava army, Duryodhana requested Karna to get rid of this problem in some way.

Karna vs Ghatotkacha
Karna vs Ghatotkacha

Karna was forced to run on Shakti weapon Ghatotkacha. This weapon was given by Devaraj Indra to Karna as a tribute to his charity (when Karna donated his armor-coil to Indra). But Karna could use this weapon only once, after which this weapon would be returned to Indra. Thus, after using the Shakti weapon on Ghatotkacha, he could not later use it on Arjuna.

Sixteenth Day Of War

On this day, the battle of Karnaka was fought. Bhima challenged Karnako but the plight of Bhima. Karna dragged Bhima to the ground and took away all of Bhim’s clothes. Then Karna gave Bhima to life. Then when faced with Arjuna, Lord Krishna saves Arjuna from the Vaishnavastra of Karna. Karna took his Arjun captive, but gave a life due to the sunset.

Seventeenth Day Of War

Before the seventeenth day, Karna fought with all the Pandavas except Arjuna. He also defeated these Pandavas in a one-on-one battle, including Mahabali Bhima. But as promised to Mother Kunti, she did not kill any Pandavas.

Karna raised his victory bow and fired Bhargavastra on Arjuna. Crores of warriors were killed by Bhargavastra and went to Arjuna to protect the rest. Arjuna said that it is impossible to abrogate Bhargavastra and if Karna will let him escape then he will run away from war. Krishna saw the frightened Arjuna and thought that when Karna would get tired, it would be okay to bring Arjun in front of him. Thinking so much, Krishna made a path of escape for Arjuna. Karna withdrew Bhargavastra seeing Arjuna running away after saving his life.

The clock finally arrived in the seventeenth day of war, when Karna and Arjun came face to face. Both were equal in this magnificent struggle. Karna was given the form of a bow called Vijay by his guru Parashurama, which was designed by Vishwakarma himself. On Duryodhana’s request, the maternal uncle of the Pandavas agreed to become the charioteer of Karna. As a matter of fact, Arjuna’s charioteer was Sri Krishna himself and Karna was not to be inferior to Arjuna in any case, so he was requested to become a charioteer by surgery, because he had all the qualities that a qualified charioteer should have.

During the battle, Arjuna’s arrows hit Karna’s chariot and his chariot slips back several yards. However, when Karna’s arrows hit Arjuna’s chariot, his chariot slipped away only a few balishtas (palm-like distance) away. On this, Shri Krishna praised Karna. Surprised at this, Arjuna asked the reason for this praise of Karna, because his arrows were more effective in pushing the chariot back. Then Krishna said that Karna’s chariot has only the weight of Karna and Surgical, but Arjuna’s chariot himself and Hanuman are seated and even then Karna slid his chariot back a few times. Similarly, Karna cut the bow of Arjuna 13 times.

Karna and Arjuna fought a long and fierce battle, making full use of their knowledge of wielding divine weapons. “Nagastra” was used by Karna to separate Arjuna from the head. But at the right time by Sri Krishna, the chariot was sunk a little in the ground, which saved Arjuna. This led to “Nagastra” piercing his crown just above Arjuna’s head. The Ashwena Naga present on Nagastra requested Karna to use the weapon again so that this time he would come out piercing Arjuna’s body, but Karna obeyed the promise given to Kunti, refusing to reuse the weapon. Karna removes the wheel of his chariot sunk into the earth.


Karnavadh by Arjuna

Although the war was getting stale, Karna got entangled when a wheel of his chariot got stuck in the earth (due to curse of Mother Earth). He also finds himself unable to use divine weapons, as was the curse of his mentor Parashurama. Karna then comes down to take off the wheel of his chariot and pleads with Arjuna that he should stop running the arrow for a while, following the rules of war. Sri Krishna then tells Arjuna that Karna has no right to talk about war rules and religion, whereas he himself did not follow any war rules and religion at the time of Abhimanyu slaughter.

Karna Vadh

He further said that where his religion went when he called the divine-born (Draupadi was born from Havanakund) Draupadi as Vaishya before the entire Kuru Rajya Sabha. Where did his religion go in the sports hall? Therefore, he no longer had any right to talk about any religion or war rule and he told Arjuna that now Karna is helpless (curse of Brahmin flourished) so that he should kill him. Sri Krishna says that if Arjuna had not yet killed Karna at this critical turn, the Pandavas would probably never be able to kill him and this war could never be won. Then, Arjuna beheaded Karna using a divine weapon. After Karna’s body fell to the ground, a flame emerged from Karna’s body and was absorbed into the sun.


Arjun Kills Karna
Arjun Kills Karna

After Karna’s Death

After the end of the war, funeral ceremonies were being performed for the dead. Then Mother Kunti requested her sons to perform all the deceased rituals for Karna as well. When he protested against this by saying that Karna is a Sood son, Kunti revealed the secret of Karna’s birth. Then all the Pandava brothers are shocked due to the sin of fratricide. Yudhishthira is especially angry with his mother and curses her and all women, that women will not be able to hide any distinction since that time.

Both Yudhishthira and Duryodhana wanted to perform the last rites of Karna. Yudhishthira’s claim was that since he is the junior brother of Karna, this right belongs to him. Duryodhana’s claim was that Yudhishthira and the other Pandavas never dealt with Karna fraternally, so now there is no justification for asserting this right at this time. Then Sri Krishna intervenes and explains to Yudhishthira that the bond of Duryodhana’s friendship is stronger, so let Duryodhana perform the last rites of Karna.

When the 14-day war ends, Sri Krishna asks Arjuna to step down from his chariot. When Arjuna descends, they take him some distance. Then they signal Hanumanji to come off the flag of the chariot. As Shri Hanuman descends from that chariot, the horse of Arjuna’s chariot is consumed alive and the chariot explodes. Arjun wakes up on seeing this. Sri Krishna then tells him that due to Karna’s deadly weapons, this explosion has occurred in Arjuna’s chariot. It was safe till now because he had his grace on him and the power of Shree Hanuman, the chariot that had endured the effects of these destructive weapons till now.

Karna – The Mahayoddha

Even today for millions of Hindus, Karna is a warrior who lived a sad life all his life. He is considered a great warrior, a great man with a courageous spirit, who struggled with the unfavourable conditions of his life.

Karna, in particular, is famous for his charity. He is also an example of how improper decisions are of no use, despite a person’s superior personality and best qualities. Karna never got what he was entitled to, but he never stopped trying. The contemporaries of Karna including Bhishma and Lord Krishna have accepted that Karna is a saint who manifests very rarely in the human race. He is ideal for the struggling humanity that mankind should never give up and strive.

Comparison with Arjun

Karna and Arjuna have many similarities. Both were the best archers of their time, both competed in the contest to win Draupadi’s hand and both had to fight in the war against their brothers. Another deep connection is that both were closely related to the Kauravas, Karna Mitravaat and Arjuna Rakrat. Their decisions and consequent consequences on them and their families are emphasized as to what is the importance of performing one’s duties as stated by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-gītā.

Karna is an example of a personality who was virtuous, noble, just and courageous, but still declined because he was loyal to the unrighteous Duryodhana. Karna had the five qualities that Draupadi had asked Mahadev as her groom, leaving only one and that was close friendship with Duryodhana.

Arjuna and Karna had both similarities and dissimilarities. Arjuna got happiness, wealth and maternal love from the beginning whereas Karna had to get everything. Arjuna had everything that would make him victorious but Karna was completely alone. It was because of his truth that he got all the curse which he accepted with a curse. According to an analysis, during the war between Karna and Arjuna, there came an occasion when Arjun with such a force fired an arrow which directly hit Karna’s chariot and his chariot slipped back ten steps, on which Karna also with such power Run an arrow that directly hit Arjun’s chariot and his chariot slips back two steps. When Karna did this, Lord Krishna started praising Karna. When Arjuna asked Lord Krishna the reason for this praise of Karna, he said that I am sitting on your chariot carrying the weight of Tribhuvan and Hanumanji himself is seated on the flag of your chariot. It is impossible to move it backward even if it is impossible to move away like a molecule, but even if Karna has moved your chariot two steps back then it is not only a matter of surprise but praise and pride

Mark on Karna’s Image

Because of Karna’s affection for Duryodhana, though reluctantly, he supported him in all misdeeds towards the Pandavas of his dear friend. Karna had knowledge of Duryodhana’s malicious plans towards the Pandavas. He also knew that his fall was also certain due to hitting the truth for the sake of discrete. While some believe that Karna himself took a soot vessel in his name by using the word ‘Vaishya’ for Draupadi in the Kuru Rajya Sabha, some others believe that he was right in his act, because earlier Draupadi insulted him by calling him a ‘Sutra’ in his swayamvar so that he could not become a competitor in his swayamvar. Nevertheless, Karna’s role in Abhimanyu’s killing and the fight of one warrior to several warriors caused more damage to the image of his being a warrior and then in the same battle he suffered the same pace. According to some interpretations of Mahabharata, it was this act which properly proved that Karna is fighting in favor of unrighteousness in war and due to this act his misfortune was also determined that he too was likewise by Arjuna. Will be killed when the weapon is inferior and chariotless and has its back towards Arjuna. Karna had full opportunity to slay Arjuna in the seventeenth day of war but following the war rules he did not shoot arrows at Arjuna because by then Suryadeva had set.

Story of Karna and Arjun’s Previous Birth

The story of the past birth of Karna and Arjuna comes in the Padma Purana. Once there is a war between Lord Brahma and Mahadev, Mahadev cuts off the fifth head of Brahma. Sweat comes out of the body of the angry Brahmadev and from that sweat a brave warrior arises. Who was born from Sveda is therefore known as Svedaj. Svedaj goes to war with Mahadev by order of Father Brahma. Mahadev asks Lord Vishnu to explain some remedy to the Svedaj born by angry Brahma. Lord Vishnu gives birth to a hero with his blood. Born from blood, hence it is known as blood. Svedaj was born with 1000 armor and Bloodaz with 1000 hands and 500 bow. Lord Brahma was also born from Vishnu, so Svedaj was also a part of Lord Vishnu.

Arjun And Karna in Mahabharat

There is a fierce war between Svedaj and Raktaj. Svedaj cuts 998 hands of Raktaj and breaks 500 bows. The same Raknaj breaks Svedaj’s 999 armor. Raknaj is just about to lose that Lord Vishnu understands that Rakaj will be defeated by Svedaj. So they calm that war. Svedaj donates life to Raknaj, showing his devotion. Lord Vishnu entrusts the responsibility of the Svedaraja to Suryanarayana, and that of Ravage to Indradev. He pledges to Indradev that in next life, Raktaj will kill his rival Svedaj. In Dwapara Yuga, Raktaja is born as Arjuna and Svedaj Karna and Arjuna kills his greatest rival Karna against the rules of war.

Factors of Karna’s Death

Following factors can be counted in relation to Karna’s death:

  1. The first factor of Karna’s death is the sage Durvasa himself. While giving this boon to Kunti that she can invoke any god and get children from him, did not tell about the result of this boon. Therefore, Kunti curiously calls Suryadev and does not care what the consequences are before marriage and according to boon Suryadev gives a son to Kunti. But due to fear of public shame, Kunti pours this baby into Gangaji. Then Karna meets Maharaja Dhritarashtra’s charioteer Adhirath and his wife Radha, they follow him and thus Karna’s Kshatriya identity is denied. Karna, not Yudhishthira or Duryodhana, was the de facto officer of the throne of Hastinapur, but this could never happen because his birth and identity were kept secret.
  2. Devaraj Indra, who brought Karna’s Kshatriya identity as a scorpion to his Guru, and due to a misnomer with his Guru regarding his identity (for which Karna himself was not guilty as he did not know his own identity) by his Guru Cursed him to forget his weapon knowledge at the right time.
  3. Just as he cursed a Brahmin with cow, he has killed a helpless and innocent animal, similarly he will be killed when he is most helpless and will focus on something other than his enemy. Due to this curse, Arjun kills him when the wheel of his chariot gets stuck in the earth and he is focused on removing the wheel of his chariot.
  4. The curse of Mother Earth will eat the wheel of her chariot at the appointed time and she will be most constrained in front of her enemies.
  5. Devotee Indra in the guise of a beggar, donating the armor Kundal with a stick on his body due to his popular fame by Karna.
  6. Running of ‘Shakti Astra’ at Ghatotkacha, due to which he could not use this weapon for the second time as promised.
  7. Do not use ‘Nagastra’ for the second time as promised to Mother Kunti.
  8. Two words given to Mother Kunti.
  9. Maharaja and maternal uncle of the Pandavas, the charioteer of Karna, who dropped the morale of Karna by praising Arjuna’s martial arts in the seventeenth day of war.
  10. A few days before the war, when Karna came to know that the Pandavas were his brothers, all his ill-will towards him ended, but he fought against the Pandavas (that is, his brothers) because of their allegiance to Duryodhana. However, until the death of Karna, the Pandavas did not know that Karna is his eldest brother.
  11. Suryadev, who died in the seventeenth day of war when Karna had full opportunity to kill Arjuna.
  12. Insulting Draupadi.
  13. Shri Krishna orders Arjuna to kill Karna while he is removing the chained wheel of his chariot.
  14. Bhishma Pitamah, because he did not command Karna to fight under his command.

The Story Of Karna’s Kavach and Kundal

Whenever Mahabharata is mentioned, the name of Danveer Karna definitely comes up. Karna is one of the main characters of the Mahabharata period, whose stories of charity are still on people’s tongues. Please tell that Karna was born from the share of Mother Kunti and Surya. He was born with special Kavach and Kundal, wearing which no power in the world can defeat him.

Karna was the eldest brother of the Pandavas. Let us tell you that Mata Kunti was married to Pandu but Karna was born before Kunti’s marriage. Karna’s speciality was that he would never back down from donating to anyone. If anyone asked for anything from them, they would definitely give it and this habit became the reason for their slaughter in the war of Mahabharata.

Karna Kavach Kundal
Karna Kavach Kundal

With the Kavach and Kundal that Karna had, no power in the world could defeat them and this could harm the Pandavas during the Mahabharata war, so Arjuna’s father and Devaraj Indra took his Kavach and kundal from Karna. It is planned that when Karna is worshipping Sun God in the afternoon, then he will disguise a monk and ask him for Kavach and helix. Even though Suryadev warns Karna about this plan of Indra, Karna does not back down from his words.

Explain that Indra is happy with this charity of Karna and asks him to ask for something but Karna refuses saying that “It is against the dignity of charity to give something after donating”. Devraj then gives Indra Karna his powerful weapon, Vasavi, which he could use only once. Let me tell you that when the war of Mahabharata was going on, at the behest of Shri Krishna, Arjuna killed Karna and due to lack of Kavach-Kundal, he died.

It is said that Indra, the king of Karna’s Kavach and Kundal, could not enter heaven because he had received it by falsehood, so he hid it at some place on the seashore after this Chandra Dev saw this and he After stealing the Kavach and the Kundal, the sea god stopped them and from this day both the sun god and the sea god together protect the Kavach and the Kundal. It is said that this Kavach and helix are hidden in Konark near Puri and no one can reach it. Because if someone acquires this Kavach and Kundal, then they can take advantage of it wrongly.

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