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Veer Maharana Pratap Singh

Rajputana has a proud place in Indian history. Ranbankurs here never hesitated to sacrifice their lives to protect the country, caste, religion, and freedom. The whole of India has been proud of his sacrifice. In this land of heroes, there were many big and small states of Rajputs who fought for the independence of India. Mewar has its own special place in these states, in which the pride of history Bappa Rawal, Maharana Kumbha, Maharana Sanga, Uday Singh, and Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap were born.

The question arises as to what is the definition of greatness. Akbar is called great by killing thousands of people and Maharana Pratap is not great even after saving thousands of lives? We should think about this, Akbar was cruel and Maharana Pratap was a great leader and real king of the people. Actually, the British and Communists have written the history of our country. He made great those – those who oppressed India or who invaded and looted India converted India and destroyed Indian pride by honoring him. Akbar dipped Malwa-Nimar in blood for Rupmati.

Maharana Pratap Singh (Jyeshtha Shukla Tritiya Sunday Vikram Samvat 1597 accordingly, 9 May 1570 – 14 January 1597) was the king of the Sisodia Rajput dynasty at Udaipur, Mewar. His name is immortal for valor and determination in history. He clashed with the Mughal emperor Akbar for many years. Maharana Pratap Singh also defeated the Mughals many times in a battle. He was born in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan, to Maharana Uday Singh and mother Rani Jaywant Kanwar. According to writer James Tod, Maharana Pratap was born in Kumbhalgarh, Mewar. According to historian Vijay Nahar, according to the tradition of Rajput society and Maharana Pratap‘s birth chart and census, Maharana Pratap was born in the palaces of Pali.

Maharana Pratap, the great Rajput king of Mewar, is known throughout the world for his valor and valor. A Rajput emperor who preferred to live in the jungles but never accepted the slavery of foreign Mughals. He sacrificed everything for the sake of country, religion, and freedom.

In the Haldighati war of 158 Taking 500 Bhils with him, Rana Pratap faced the army of 70,000 Amer Sardar King Mansingh. Rana Poonja Ji’s contribution to the Haldighati war was commendable. Jhala Mansingh saved Maharana Pratap, who was surrounded by the enemy army and saved Maharana to leave the battleground. Shakti Singh saved Maharana by giving his horse. Dear Ashwa Chetak also died. This war lasted only one day but it killed 14,000 people. Akbar made all efforts to win Mewar. Maharana’s condition worsened day by day. Bhamashah also became immortal by giving 25,000 tribals the same grant that lasted for 12 years.

How many people know the truth of Akbar and how many people have known Maharana Pratap‘s sacrifice and struggle? During Pratap’s reign, Delhi was ruled by the Ottoman emperor Akbar, who wanted to hoist the Islamic empire throughout India by establishing the Mughal Empire under all the kings and emperors of India. For this, he resorted to both policy and injustice. Despite 30 years of unremitting efforts, Akbar could not take Maharana Pratap captive.

The Birth of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1540 AD in Kumbhalgarh fort of Rajasthan. But his birth anniversary is celebrated on Jyeshtha Shukla Tritiya as per the Hindi date. His father was Maharaja Uday Singh and mother Rani Jeevat Kanwar. He was the grandson of Rana Sanga. In childhood, everyone used to call Maharana Pratap with the name ‘Kika’. Maharana Pratap‘s birth anniversary is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Tritiya of Jyestha month every year according to the Vikram Samvat calendar.

Kumbhal Gadh Fort
Kumbhal Gadh Fort

There are two assumptions on the question of the birthplace of Maharana Pratap. The first Maharana Pratap was born in the Kumbhalgarh fort because Maharana Udai Singh and Jayavantabai were married in the Kumbhalgarh palace. The second belief is that the birth took place in the palaces of Pali. Maharana Pratap‘s mother’s name was Jayavanta Bai, daughter of Sonagara Akhairaj of Pali.

Maharana Pratap was called Kika in his childhood. According to author Vijay Nahar’s book Hinduva Surya Maharana Pratap, when Pratap was born, Uday Singh was surrounded by war and insecurity. Kumbhalgarh was not safe in any way. King Maldev of Jodhpur was the most powerful in North India in those days. And Jaiwanta Bai’s father and son of Soni, Shagra, was a reliable feudatory and commander of Akheraj Maldev.

For this reason, Pali and Marwar were safe in every way. Hence Jayavanta Bai was sent to Pali. V. No. Jyestha Shukla Tritiya No. 1597 Pratap was born in Pali Marwar. On receiving the good news of Pratap’s birth, Uday Singh’s army started the march and won the victory against Banveer in the Mavali war and took over the throne of Chittor. Devendra Singh, a retired officer of Indian Administrative Service According to Shaktawat’s book Maharana Pratap‘s principal aide, the birthplace of Maharana Pratap is the remnant of Maharaja’s citadel in Juni Kachari Pali. Value.

The mandir of Kuldevi Naganachi of Sonagar is still safe. According to the book, according to the old traditions, the first son of a girl is in his heart. According to historian Arjun Singh Shekhawat, Maharana Pratap‘s horoscope is from the old daymaan system between midnight 12/17 to 12/57. It is important to know the clear sun on 5/51 Palma on Sunrise 0/0, this gives birthright favored. If this horoscope had happened in Chittor or someplace of Mewar, the amount of sunlight in the morning would have been different.

The early morning sunrise sign made by the old method of location counting by Pandit is similar to Kala Vikala Pali. The history of Dr. Hukam Singh Bhati’s book Sonagara Sanchora Chauhans is also evident in 1987 and historian Muhta Nainasi’s book Khyatmaravad Ra Pargana Ri in the past “Kanye Jaiwantabai of Pali’s famous Thakur Akheraj Sonagara, v. No. 1597, Jesti Sudi on Sunday 3. Gave birth to such a resplendent child who turned 13 for 13 hours before sunrise. Blessed is this land of Pali who gave birth to a gem-like Pratap.

Maharana Pratap
                                                                        Maharana Pratap

Rana Pratap had a total of 11 marriages in his life. The names of his wives and his sons and daughters received from him are: –

Maharani Ajabdeh Panwar: – Amarsingh and Bhagwandas
Amarbai Rathore: – Natha
Shemati Bai Hada: -Pura
Alamdebai Chauhan: – Jaswant Singh
Ratnavati Bai Parmar: -Mal, Gaja, Klingu
Lakhabai: – Raibhana
Jasobai Chauhan: -Kalyandas
Champabai Janthi: – Kalla, Sanwaldas and Durjan Singh
Solankhinipur Bai: – Sasha and Gopal
Phulbai Rathore: – Chanda and Shikha
Khichar Ashabai: – Hathi and Ram Singh

The most interesting fact in the reign of Maharana Pratap is that the Mughal emperor Akbar wanted to bring Pratap under his control, so Akbar appointed four ambassadors to convince Pratap, in which Jalal Khan first entered the camp of Pratap in September 1572 AD. , In this sequence Mansingh (in 1573 AD), Bhagwandas (in September 1573 AD) and Raja Todarmal (December 1573 AD) arrived to explain Pratap, but Rana Pratap Sector disappointed around, such Rana Pratap refused to accept under the Mughals and we got to see historical war Haldighati.

Some important facts

According to historian Vijay Nahar’s book Hinduva Surya Maharana Pratap, some facts were revealed.

1. Maharana Udai Singh invented a new method of war – the hidden war system. They themselves could not use it, but Maharana Pratap, Maharana Raj Singh, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj made successful use of it and succeeded on the Mughals.

2. Maharana Pratap did not lose to the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Washed him and his generals. Pratap won in the battle of Haldighati. After defeating Maharana Pratap at Haldighati, Akbar himself attacked the Maharana with a large army thrice from June to December 1576, but could not find the Maharana but got trapped in Maharana’s trap. Due to the lack of food, the army was destroyed. Exhausted, Akbar went to Malwa via Banswara. Even after living in Mewar for seven whole months, the hand went away to Arabia. Three times troops were sent against Maharana under Shahbaz Khan’s leadership but failed. After that, under the leadership of Abdul Rahim Khan-Khana, an army was sent against the Maharana and returned by beating. For 9 years, Akbar constantly attacked against Maharana with full power. Taking the loss, in the end, he gave up tired and gave up watching.

3. Such Kuwassar never came into Pratap’s life that he had to write a letter for the treaty to Akbar who had to eat bread. These days, Maharana Pratap built a stepwell on the Mount Sunga and got a beautiful garden. Maharana’s army consisted of a king, three Rao’s, seven Rawat’s, 15,000 horsemen, 100 elephants, 20,000 footmen, and 100 Vajitras. Maharana Pratap used to arrange such a large army with food. Then how can such an incident happen that Maharana’s family had to eat beef bread? He gave an advanced life by establishing Shushan on the whole of Mewar for twelve years of his death.


The coronation of Maharana Pratap took place in Gogunda. Fearing Akbar, Rana Pratap’s father Uday Singh left Mewar and encamped on the Aravalli mountain and made Udaipur his new capital. However, Mewar was also under him. Maharana Udai Singh handed over the throne to his younger son at the time of his death, which was against the rules. After the death of Uday Singh, the Rajput chieftains came together to seat Maharana Pratap on the throne of Mewar on 1628 Falgun Shukla 15 i.e. on 1 March 1576.

The capital of his kingdom was Udaipur. The state border was Mewar. He ruled from 1568 to 1597 AD. Thinking that Yavan, Turks could easily attack Udaipur, and with the advice of the feudatories, Pratap left Udaipur and made the hill areas of Kumbhalgarh and Gogunda his center.

Total God: Maharana Pratap was the king of the Sisodia dynasty in Udaipur, Mewar. Their total deity is Ekling Mahadev. Aaradhadeva Ekling Mahadev of the Ranaas of Mewar has great importance in the history of Mewar. The mandir of Ekling Mahadev Mahadev is located in Udaipur. Bappa Rawal, the founder of Mewar, built this mandir in the 8th century and installed the idol of Ekling.

The horse that Maharana Pratap called Chetak used to sit on was one of the best horses in the world. Maharana Pratap then wore a 72-kg armor and held an 81-kg spear in his hand.

Maharana Pratap and Chetak‘s unique relationship (Maharana Pratap horse chetak story):

Chetak was the most loved horse of Maharana Pratap. The sensitivity, loyalty, and bravery in Chetak were heavily coded. It was an Afghan horse of indigo color.

Once, Rana Uday Singh called Pratap in his childhood and asked him to choose one of the two horses. One horse was white and the other blue. As soon as Pratap said something, before that his brother Shakti Singh told Uday Singh that he should also have a horse. Shakti Singh used to hate his brother from the beginning.

Pratap loved Neil Afghani horse but he moves towards the white horse and tied his pool of praises, seeing him grow, Shakti Singh quickly rides towards the white horse and rides him, seeing his speed, Rana Uday Singh Shakti Singh White gives the horse and Pratap gets the blue horse. The name of this blue horse was Chetak, which Pratap was very happy to get.

Chetak has his place in many of Pratap’s heroic stories. Due to the quickness of Chetak, Pratap easily won many wars. Pratap loved his Chetak like a son.

Chetak gets injured in the battle of Haldi valley. At the same time, a big river comes in the middle, for which Chetak has to rise to a width of about 21 feet.

Chetak decides to climb that distance to protect Pratap, but due to injuries, he gives up his life after some distance. On 21 June 1576, Chetak departs from Pratap. After this, a twinge remains for Chetak in the mind of lifelong Pratap.

Even today, there is a tomb of Chetak in Rajsamand in Haldighati, which the devotees see with the same veneration as Pratap’s idol.

Maharana Pratap Riding Chetak
Maharana Pratap And Chetak Glorious Statue

They used to fight the war by lifting a total of 208 kg, including the weight of shield and sword including spear and armor. Think about what his power would have been then. With this weight, fighting enemies on the battlefield all day was not a minor thing. Now the question may arise that when he was so powerful why did he get defeated twice by Akbar’s army? All the patriotic kings who have been in this country have been against them. Patriots have suffered due to Jayachanda.

Akbar made several attempts to conquer Mewar. Akbar wanted Maharana Pratap to bow in his footsteps like other kings. Maharana Pratap also did not accept Akbar’s subjection. Akbar started a military campaign against Pratap, making Ajmer his center. Maharana Pratap clashed with the army of Emperor Akbar of the Mughals for many years. He introduced valor and valor to save the land of Mewar from Mughal terror.

Maharana Pratap Singh’s bravery was such that even his enemies were convinced of his fighting skills. Generosity was such that the captured Mughal Begums of others were respectfully sent back to them. This warrior did not bow his head in front of the enemy even when his resources were limited and kept on fighting by eating the root of the forest. It is believed that Akbar’s eyes also became moist on the death of this warrior. Akbar also said that if he is a patriot, it should be so.

Akbar had said, ‘All are perishable in this world. State and wealth can be destroyed at any time, but the fame of great people can never be destroyed. The sons gave up wealth and land, but he never bowed his head. He is the only king among the kings of India who has maintained the pride of his caste.

Haldi Ghati War:

This was the biggest war in history, in which there was a fierce battle between the Mughals and the Rajputs, in which many Rajputs had left Pratap and accepted Akbar’s subjection.

In 1576, Raja Man Singh led 5000 soldiers on behalf of Akbar and played the bugle of war by deploying 3000 soldiers already at Haldighati. On the other hand, Afghan kings supported Pratap, in which Hakim Khan Sur supported Pratap till his last breath. This war of Haldighati lasted for several days. The people of Mewar were sheltered inside the fort. People and state people started living together. Due to the long war, there was a shortage of even food and water. Women reduced the food themselves for children and soldiers. Everyone supported Pratap with unity in this war.

Seeing his spirits, Akbar could not stop himself from praising this Rajput’s spirits. But Pratap lost this battle due to lack of food. On the last day of the war, all the Rajput women devoted themselves to Agni by adopting the Zohar system. And others fought with the army and got Virgati. The most senior officers had already sent Pratap’s son away from Chittor along with Rana Udai Singh, Maharani Dhir Bai Ji, and Jagmal. The day before the war, he secretly drove Pratap and Ajbade out of the fort by giving them drugs of sleep. His thinking behind this was that Pratap’s life is necessary for future protection to bring back Rajputana.

When Mugulo took over the fort, he could not find Pratap anywhere and Akbar’s dream of catching Pratap could not be fulfilled.

After working hard in the forest for several days after the war, Pratap settled a new city named Chawand. Akbar tried a lot but he could not subdue Pratap.

Turmeric Soil Of Haldi Ghati
Turmeric Soil Of Haldi Ghati

Maharana Pratap Death Date:

Maharana Pratap was injured due to a wild accident. On 29 January 1597, Pratap gives up his life. By this time, he was only 57 years old. Even today, there are festivals in Rajasthan in his memory. On his tomb, people pay reverence.

Akbar was also impressed by Pratap’s bravery. Akbar looked at Pratap and his subjects with respect. Therefore, during the battle of Haldighati, the soldiers and the feudatories who received Veergati in their army were given a final farewell with reverence according to Hindu custom.

Glory Of Maharana Pratap
Glory Of Maharana Pratap

10 things related to Maharana Pratap‘s life

Maharana Pratap was the great Hindu ruler of Mewar. Maharana Pratap was one of the sixteenth-century Rajput rulers who continued to compete with Akbar. Let’s know some important facts related to them:

1. The Battle of Haldighati was fought between Mughal Emperor Akbar and Maharana Pratap on June 18, 1576 AD. This war between Akbar and Rana proved disastrous like the Mahabharata war.

2. It is believed that neither Akbar nor Rana lost in the battle of Haldighati. If the Mughals had more military power, then Rana Pratap had no shortage of combative power.

3. Maharana Pratap‘s spear was 81 kg and his chest armor was 72 kg. The weight of his spear, armor, shield and two swords together was 208 kg.

Preparations to declare Maharana Pratap as the winner in the battle of Haldighati

4. Let us tell you that Maharana Pratap had only 20,000 soldiers and Akbar had 85000 soldiers in the battle of Haldi valley. Despite this, Maharana Pratap did not give up and continued to fight for freedom.

5. Akbar sent 6 peace envoys to convince Maharana Pratap to end the war peacefully, but Maharana Pratap turned down his proposal every time saying that Rajput warriors never tolerated it. can not do it.

6. Maharana Pratap had done a total of 11 weddings in his life. It is said that he did all these marriages for political reasons.

7. Maharana Pratap was called Kika in childhood.

8. Chetak was the most loved horse of Maharana Pratap. Like Maharana Pratap, his horse Chetak was also very brave.

9. It is said that when the Mughal army was lying behind them during the war, Chetak had crossed Maharana Pratap on his back and several feet long drain.

10. There was only one Muslim chieftain who fought on behalf of Maharana Pratap in the battle of Haldighati – Hakim Khan Suri.


Maharana Pratap was a great warrior and he didn’t bow down to Akbar the cruel leader, he fought back and lived with pride until his last breath. Such a brave and great personality, we should learn from him and try to be like him.

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