Maharishi Kanad – Founder of Atomic Theory

Maharishi Kanad

Maharishi Kanad was the first to give the principles of ATOMIC THEORY and LAWS Of Motion.

Do you know that Newton stole the principles of Sage Kanad’s Law of Motion given 2600 years ago, that is also believed by Manchester University. Before Newton, this theory was given by Maharishi Kanad in his book Vaishashika.

Today you must have read in schools that John Delton was the 19th century Atomic Principle and Newton who gave the Laws of Motion in the 17th century, but this is not true, both of these theories were given by Rishi Kanad 2600 years ago.

In our country, there has been a thought in our country since time immemorial about the creation and operation of the divine world. The ‘Darshan’ has been given to the Maharishi’s realization through this thought. The six parts of Indian Vedic philosophy are Nyaya, Mimamsa, Vaiseshika, Sankhya, Yoga and Vedanta. Among them was Maharishi Kanad, the innovator of Vaiseshika philosophy.

According to the Vayu Purana, Maharishi Kanad was born in Prabhaspatan near Dwarka and was a disciple of Somasharma. It is believed that your true name was Uluk Muni. You belonged to Kashyapa Gautra. According to scholars, Maharishi Kanad’s time is believed to be 400 years before Christ. Although some scholars consider you to be before Buddha. You used to choose grains of grain falling in the field and used to relieve your hunger. Thus, being the originator of the theory of grain particles of grains, you were called Kanad.

Your Vaishika Sutra is the root book of Vaishika philosophy, Prastapada wrote a commentary on it called Matter Dharmasangraha. Atomicism is the basis of Vaishika philosophy. The sixty-sixth part of a microscopic particle flying through the sunlight coming from the net of a window is called an atom. These atoms are continual because of their characteristic, each substance has a different existence. Because of discussing these characteristics, this philosophy was called special philosophy.

According to the Vaisesika philosophy, the world is divided into seven substances, matter, quality, action, general, special, equitable, and lack. In Maharishi Kanad’s opinion, the world is made up of nine liquids. Earth, water, light, air, sky, time, direction, mind and soul.

This universe has 24 qualities: form, rasa, odor, words, touch, pleasure, sorrow, desire, malice, effort, number, magnitude, isolation, coincidence, divisions, divinity, arappata, gravity, fluidity, intelligence, affection, samskara, Religion and Unrighteousness. There are five types of karma: buoyancy, deprivation, retraction, diffusion and movement. The unity of the monogamous intellect produced on the basis of equality in many things is common, such as manhood.

In this book, the sage Kanad has shown the characteristic of religion in this way.

यतोभ्युदयनिः श्रेयससिद्धिः स धर्मः।

That is, religion in which the attainment of both Abhyudaya (happiness and prosperity of this world) and Disharayas (Paramarthirksa Moksha) is achieved.

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  3. The culture that we have been following or trying to follow (western) is completely based on what we have forgotten past behind and what our ancestors had followed for ages…. but we are proud to speak English and travel abroad…. get to know us and our culture and heritage deep inside and trust me you will get to know how great and rich we were in all aspects. Jai Maa Shakti.

    1. Sanatan Culture is the root of all, but people trust what they see and read. Our historians have glorified fake information. That’s the cause of this thing. I am trying to curate the actual information, Happy that you liked it. Jay Mataji

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