Scientific Proofs About Hindu Traditions

Hindu Traditions

From many centuries, India has known to lead the world in every field. India has the most advanced Tradition and Culture. India was once “Vishwa Guru” and it will be again by following Hindu Tradition. We have listed some Scientific Proofs About Hindu Traditions.

India has some tradition that is being followed by our ancestors. But unfortunately, the current generation is brainless to see how much important the rituals and traditions are. If we follow tradition, it is good for our life. The Hindu traditions are made up for a better life and it provides a way of living.

But the current generation wants to be modernized wants to forget history, live freely. But they forget that our ancestors had more knowledge then we do. They made traditions to help people.

People want scientific proofs and believe the things which are concluded by science. So, here are scientific proofs about Hindu Traditions.

Here Are Some Scientific Proofs About Hindu Traditions

1- Ear Piercing

Almost all religions in India have a tradition of piercing ears.

Scientific Reason– Philosophers believe that this increases the power of thinking. While doctors believe that this makes the speech good and the blood circulation of the vein going through the ears to the brain is controlled.

2- Kumkum / Tilak on Forehead

Men and Women apply kumkum or tilak on the forehead.

Scientific Reason– A vein runs between the eyes to the forehead. By applying kumkum or tilak, the energy of that place remains. When applying tilak on the forehead when there is pressure with the thumb or finger, then the muscle supplying blood to the facial skin becomes active. This allows blood to reach the cells of the face

3- Sitting on The Ground and Eating

According to Hindu culture, eating on the ground is a good thing.

Scientific Reason– sitting on a curb is a type of yoga posture. Sitting in this position keeps the brain cool and if the mind is calm while eating then the digestion process is good. Sitting in this position, a signal goes from the brain to the stomach by itself, so that it is ready for food.

4- Greeting with Namaskar

When meeting someone, join hands and greet.

Scientific Reason– when the top of all the fingers come in contact with each other and they are under pressure. Due to acupressure, it has a direct effect on our eyes, ears and brain, so that we can remember the person in front for a long time. The second argument is that instead of shaking hands (Western civilization) if you do hello, the germs of the body in the front cannot reach you. Even if the front has swine flu, the virus will not reach you.

5- Start of Food With Sharp and End With Sweet

Whenever there is a religious or family ritual, the food starts with a sharp and ends with a sweet.

Scientific Reason– Digestive elements and acids are activated inside our stomach by eating spicy. This makes the digestive system operate properly. In the end, the intensity of acid is reduced by eating sweet. This does not irritate the stomach.

6- Worship of Peepal Tree (Ficus religiosa)

Many people think that ghosts run away from worshipping Peepal tree.

Scientific Reason– It is worshipped so that people have respect for this tree and do not cut it. Peepal is the only tree that carries oxygen even at night.

7- Sleep Heading To South

If someone falls asleep on the south side, people say that nightmares will come, ghosts will come in the shadow, etc. So sleep on foot, facing north.

Scientific Reason– When we head towards the north and sleep, then our body comes in line with the Earth’s magnetic waves. Iron present in the body is transmitted to the brain. This increases the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or brain disease. Not only this, but blood pressure also increases.

8- Surya Namaskar

There is a tradition among Hindus to wake up in the morning and offer water to the sun.

Scientific Reason– When the rays of the sun coming from the middle of the water reach the eyes, then our eyes will be good.

9- Head Braid

In Hinduism, sage Muni used to put a Braid on the head. Even today people keep it.

Scientific Reason– The place where the veins are placed, all the veins of the brain come together. This keeps the mind stable and the person does not get angry, increases the ability to think.

10- Fasting

If there is any worship or festival, then people keep fast.

Scientific Reason– According to Ayurveda, fasting is good digestion and detoxification of the body by taking fruits, that is, bad elements come out of it. According to researchers, fasting reduces the risk of cancer. Heart-related diseases, diabetes, etc. diseases also do not appear soon.

11- Step Touch

According to Hindu belief, whenever you meet an elder, touch his feet. We also teach this to children so that they respect elders.

Scientific Reason– The energy released from the brain completes a cycle through the hands and front legs. This is called the flow of cosmic energy. There are two types of energy flow in it, either through the feet of the elder to the hands of the younger or the hands of the younger to the feet of the elders.

12- Applying Sindoor (vermilion)

Married Hindu women apply Sindoor (vermilion) in the head.

Scientific Reason– Sindoor contains turmeric, lime and mercury. This mixture controls the blood pressure of the body. Since it also increases sexual excitement, it is forbidden for widow women to apply Sindoor (vermilion). This reduces stress.

13- Tulsi Worship

Worshipping Tulsi brings prosperity to the house. Happiness remains peace.

Scientific Reason– Tulsi strengthens the immune system. So if there is a tree in the house, then its leaves will also be used and it cures diseases.


So, you’ve seen that science also believes that Hindu Traditions are the better way of living. If you see someone insulting the rituals and saying it’s backward, tell them these things. Hindu Rituals and Tradition is the most advanced science.

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