Sun Ray Therapy As Described In Vedas

Sun Ray Therapy As Described In Vedas

Many types of germs are destroyed by Sun Rays. The benefit that comes from steam bathing is the same benefit from sunbathing. Due to sunbath, the follicles open, and a sufficient amount of sweat comes out of the body and the contaminated substance inside the body melts out. Which improves health.

Vitamin D is not found in special quantity in the milk of cows which are not allowed to roam outside in the sun and are kept and fed at home all day.

The sun of the rising period is the soul of the Nikhil world. Pran: Prajanamudayatyesh Surya: Pranopanishad 1/8 Sun rises as a soul.

There is a discussion in the Atharvaveda to cure diseases from the Sun Rays. Atharva Veda Kand 1 in Sukt 22-

अनुसूर्यमुदयताँ हृदयोतो हरिमा चते। गौ रोहितस्य वर्णन तेन त्वा परिद्धयसि॥ 1॥

Meaning- O Rogacrant person. May your heartbeat, heart disease, etc. be destroyed with the rise of the sun. The red colour of the sun makes the rise of the sun full of time.

This mantra teaches the use of the sun’s blood rays to destroy heart disease. According to Surya Kiran therapy, it is preached to drink water kept in a glass of red glass placed in the rays of the sun and heart disease.

“परित्वा रोहितेर्वर्णेदीर्घायुत्वाय दम्पत्ति। यथायमरपा असदथो अहरितो भुवत्॥ 2॥

Meaning- O a person suffering from the pandemic. In order to achieve longevity, you place you around the rays of the sun with red light, so that you become disease-free as a result of this sick sin so that you can be freed from the disease.

It is also good to feed such fruits to orange, oranges, apples, grapes, etc. and humiliate them with pink flowers.

या रोहिणी दैवत्या गावो या उत रोहिणीः। रुपं रुपं वयोवयस्तामिष्ट्रवा परिदध्यसि॥ 3॥

Meaning- The gods, the light are the rays of the morning blood of the sun, and those who are cows of red colour or are medicines that grow in them, and the luminosity within them is confirmed by them in all ways.

In relation to heart disease, Vavitoot Asthma Collection Heart Disease Diagnosis It is written in 5, there are five types of heart disease with aeration, Pitaj, Kaphaj, Tridoshaj and worms. Different symptoms appear in them. Similarly, a malformed form of panduro is the hallmark. In it, the body becomes green, blue, yellow. Dizziness, thirst, sleepiness, indigestion and fever etc. are more in his head. The use of Rohini and Haridrava and Gaukshir is shown in their treatment. Rohit Rohini, Ropanaka, it appears to be the same class. Haridrava is the eclipse of turmeric and other knotty drugs similar to it. Shuk also signifies a tree square.

Sun Ray Therapy As Described In Vedas
Sun Ray Therapy As Described In Vedas

Atharva Veda Kand 6, Sukta 83 describes the treatment of Gandmala disease with the sun.

अपचितः प्रपतत सुपर्णों वसतेरिव। सूर्यः कृणोतु भेषजं चन्द्रमा वो पोच्छतु॥

(Atharva. 6. 83. 1)

Meaning- O Gandmala texts. A getaway like a bird flying away from the nest. Sun treatment or the moon should remove them.

Here, there is a teaching to treat Gandmala with the rays of the Sun. Bluebottle removes explosives of blood disorder. Chandralok also has the same effect. Washing explosives in the morning with water lying in the moonlight brings peace to them and destroys the poison.

एन्येका एयेन्येका कृष्णे का रोहिणी वेद। सर्वासामग्रभं नामावीरपूनीरपेतन॥

(Atharva. 6. 83. 2)

Meaning: One of the goitres is a light red white coloured sphodamala, the other is a white pimple. The third one is black pimples. And there are two types of red color, they are called in the order Anne, Shyeni, Krishna and Rohini. Through all these operations, I remove the watery fluid. Getaway without destroying the life of man.

असूतिका रामायणयऽपचित प्रपतिष्यति। ग्लोरितः प्र प्रतिष्यति स गलुन्तो नशिष्यति ॥

(Atharva. 6.83. 3)

Meaning- Gandmala, which does not produce pivas, occurring in the murmurous place of blood vessels, such a gandamala will also be destroyed by the aforesaid treatment. The pain of ulcers will also be destroyed from this place.

वीहि स्वामाहुतिं जुषाणो मनसा स्वाहा यदिदं जुहोमि। (Atharva. 6.83. 4)

Meaning – Eating your food and drink part of your heart is happy, which I give this water, milk, and other things affected by Sun Rays.

सं ते शीष्णः कपालानि हृदयस्य च यो विधुः। उद्यन्नादित्य रश्मिमिः शीर्ष्णो रोगमनीनशोंग भेदमशीशमः।

(Atharva. 9.8 .22)

Meaning- O patient, the disease related to the cranial disease of your head and the special kind of a pain in your heart has become peaceful. Hey sun As soon as you rise, you destroy the disease of the head with your rays and also end the intense pain that breaks the parts of the body.

In this way, the sun rises away all diseases from its rays.

The patient’s body should be naked while bathing incense. When the rays of the sun fall on the skin, it has special benefits. The head should always be protected from sunlight. Sunlight bath is very beneficial in eczema. If any major part of the body has become weak, then they benefit from sunbathing. Sunbathing is also forbidden in some diseases, such as fever.

In this way, there is a clear description of natural Surya Kriya therapy in the Vedas.

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