The Complete History of Amarnath

The Complete History of Amarnath

Since the birth of Prophet Mohammed was not even born, worship is being done in Amarnath cave! Hence, deny the lie that Amarnath cave was discovered by a Muslim! Know the real History of Amarnath.

Know the complete history of Amarnath

The Amarnath Yatra of Baba Barfani’s darshan has started. As soon as the Amarnath Yatra started, the flag-bearers of secularism have started to explain the wrong history that this cave was discovered in 1850 by a Muslim buta Malik! Last year, the Indian Express, which announced the Goenka Award for Journalism, had written an article publicizing this lie loudly.

While it is recorded in history that when Islam was not even present on this earth, that is, leave the Quran descended upon the Prophet Mohammed, he was not even born, since then Amarnath is worshiped by as Baba Barfani by the followers of Sanatan Dharm.

The history of Kashmir gets the most light from Kalhan’s ‘Rajatarangini’ and Neelmat Purana. Amarnath Cave, situated at a height of 3888 meters 141 kilometers from Srinagar, is considered to be 5000 years old by the Archaeological Department of India. The History of Amarnath is very ancient. There are many pieces of evidence that reflects it.

That is, since the Mahabharata period, the presence of this cave itself is considered by Indian agencies. But this is the secularism of India, which is driven not by facts and history but by the ‘perception’ of Marxist-Nehruists! The effort to make the same concept has started this time too.

Amarnath Cave Front - The Complete History of Amarnath
Amarnath Cave Front – The Complete History of Amarnath

History of Amarnath in ‘Rajatarangini’

The cave of Amarnath is natural and not man-made. Therefore, this calculation of the Archaeological Department of five thousand years is also less, because the mountains of the Himalayas are considered millions of years old. That is, this natural cave has been there for millions of years.

It is mentioned in Kalhan’s ‘Rajatarangini’ that the king of Kashmir was Samadimat Shaiva and he used to worship the Shiva lingam in the forests of Pahalgam. Be aware that the Shivling of snow is nowhere else except Amarnath. That is, the leftists, who in 1850 concocted the discovery of Amarnath cave, many centuries ago, the king of Kashmir himself was worshiping Baba Barfani.

History of Amarnath in Neelmat Purana and Bringesh Samhita.

The Amarnath shrine is also frequently mentioned in the Neelmat Purana, the Bringesh Samhita. It is written in the Bringesh Samhita that while going to the cave of Amarnath, pilgrims in Ananthanaya (Anantnag), Mach Bhavan (Mattan), Ganeshbal (Ganeshpur), Mamleshwar (Mamal), Chandanwadi, Susharamnagar (Sheshnag), Panchtarangiri (Panchatarni) and Amravati Used to perform rituals.

At the same time, there is a clear mention of Amarnath Yatra in Neelmat Purana written in VI. Detailed information about the history, geography, folklore, religious rituals of Kashmir is available in the Neelmat Purana. The description given about Amareshwara in Neelmat Purana shows that in the sixth-century people used to visit Amarnath.

The Neelmat Purana mentions the Amarnath Yatra when Islamic Prophet Mohammad was not even born. How, then, can a Muslim named Buta Malik discover Ghadariya Amarnath cave? The full emphasis of the British, Marxist and Nehruvian historians is to prove that Muslims in Kashmir are older than Hindus. Therefore, an attempt has been made to establish Amarnath Yatra as a way of establishing Muslim separatism by starting a few hundred years ago!

Panjatarani - The Complete History of Amarnath
Panjatarani – The Complete History of Amarnath

Amarnath cave mentioned in history

According to the book titled ‘Amarnath Yatra’ written by Amit Kumar Singh, the Purana also mentions Amarganga, which was a tributary of the Indus River. One had to pass by this river to go to Amarnath Cave.

It was believed that before the sight of Baba Barfani, applying the soil of this river on the body washes away all sins. Shiva devotees used to apply this soil on their bodies.

It is described in the Purana that the height of Amarnath Cave was 250 feet and width was 50 feet. In this cave, there was a huge Shivling made of ice, which could be seen from outside. Bernier also describes this Shivling in Bernier Travels. Vincent-e-Smith, editing the second edition of Bernier’s book, wrote that the cave of Amarnath is astonishing, where water from the roof drips drop by drop and takes the form of a block of ice.

Hindus worship this as a Shiva statue. On page number-409 of the ‘Rajatarangiri’ third volume, Dr. Stein has written that the Amarnath cave has a Shivling of 7 to 8 feet wide and two feet long. Kalhan’s Rajatarangini II mentions the ruler of Kashmir, Samadimat from 34 BC to the 17th century AD and being a devotee of Baba Barfani.

Not only this but the 400-year-old King of India, Jainabuddin ruled Kashmir in 1420-70, before the Buta Malik who is proved as the discoverer of Amarnath cave in 1850. He also traveled to Amarnath. It is mentioned by the historian Jonraj. In the 16th century, the historian Abul Fazal of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, in his book ‘Ain-Akbari’, mentioned Amarnath as a holy Hindu pilgrimage place.

It is written in Ain-Akbari – A bubble of ice is formed in the cave. It grows little by little every day for 15 days and it rises more than two yards. Along with the decrease of the moon, that too starts to happen and when the moon disappears, the Shivling also disappears.

In fact, Hindus had to leave Kashmir after the attack of the foreign Islamic invader on the Kashmir valley. Due to this, this journey was interrupted for about 300 years from the middle of the 14th century.

This journey started in Firch in 1872. Taking advantage of this opportunity, some historians proved Buta Malik as the discoverer of Amarnath cave in 1850.
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